OCTOBER 12, 2018

250 Years of Independence

ContemPlace is working with a number of groups who are planning to mark the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence with a celebration of who we are and where we’ve come from, while looking ahead to future aspirations and how we might achieve civic and cultural goals. We are exploring how we can help Americans feel connected to our nation and actively participate in its future, not only by acknowledging achievements that have been made, but by encouraging them to overcome current challenges.

In line with this effort, ContemPlace co-hosted with USA250 a planning session for America’s 250th anniversary in Kansas City on September 28, 2018. Participants included professionals from historic sites, museums, and other cultural institutions—both locally and nationally—interested in working to structure plans for commemoration of America’s semi-quincentennial coming in 2026. Questions and topics discussed at the meeting included:

– What is the big idea that would get Americans across the country to engage in this experience? What are the themes that this event would build on?
– What is the experience? How does the activity flow, regardless of what the physical manifestation is?
– What does USA250 produce and offer to the rest of the country? This could be a new building, exhibits, or a series of events and programs.

How can various localities (in this case Kansas City) participate in this national occasion?


ContemPlace is Creating a Traveling Courtroom

Tort law, the law of wrongful injuries, affects more people than any other branch of law, yet many Americans remain unaware of its impact. Our traveling exhibit will highlight groundbreaking, precedent-setting cases as “graphic novels,” preparing students to explore the impact of torts of the future, such as autonomous vehicles, drones, genetic engineering, etc.

Because tort law affects everyone’s lives, our traveling exhibit also includes a section called, “Local Impact,” offering an opportunity for the host city to feature a case that is close to home. This setting can be customized to clearly illustrate the principals involved, the events of the case, and its outcomes.

To receive additional information on bringing this unique learning experience to your city,  or for other information,  click here.


Reconstructing History from Memory

The future North Carolina Civil War & Reconstruction History Center in Fayetteville will provide a fresh view of the Civil War and its aftermath, by reconstructing the history from contemporary records and from the untold stories of the men, women, and children on the home front. ContemPlace, building on symposiums and focus groups with scholars, teachers, and students, is building the teaching tools for a Digital Outreach program from the ground-up. By starting with the building-blocks of memory, we hope to convey a larger lesson of how History is constructed, and to show that history is not something that happened a long time ago; it is what leads up to five minutes ago.

JULY 2018

George C. Marshall Foundation

Educational programming that is aligned with curriculum standards—and student’s interests. Building on the decision-making and planning of George C. Marshall (one of the greatest practitioners of these skills), students make and defend critical decisions using limited information, and formulate strategies to negotiate win-win solutions.

JUNE 2018

Who We Are, Where We Are

In anticipation of the 2020 Census, ContemPlace is creating a scalable platform to help generate data literacy, and an appreciation of the Census (and other forms of data). Putting this data into the hands of average Americans will help us acquire the fundamental tools needed to attain data-based ways of seeing. These perspectives result in informed actions and more effective civic engagement.

As an added educational benefit, we are currently in the process of developing teacher support kits to promote these learning objectives:
– Helping to understand the bow wave of change
– Seeing the world through data/patterns
– Understanding who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going
– Seeing the impact of technologies and ideas on changing America