Common Framework



We help audiences develop the data literacy skills and essential knowledge necessary to recognize and comprehend how data influences their lives, and master appropriate uses of data in personal, community, and civic life through measurable audience engagement strategies.


Building on basic data literacy, we leverage interpretive design, innovative educational strategies, and technologies with interpersonal experiences to enable users of these informal education programs to build skills in debate, inquiry, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking. We also build and leverage these skills to inform and motivate personal civic engagement.


(Currently updating content)  We build awareness that health and wellness encompasses much more than clinical medical care, and show users how to navigate a complex world we call Healthcareland. These immersive learning experiences equip participants to make informed decisions regarding their personal health journeys.

(Currently updating content)  We create an environment that uses informal learning strategies to help users master twenty-first century thinking skills. Users make incremental progress through a series of guided experiences. Explorer Guilds encourages users to engage in multidisciplinary thinking, understand the mechanisms of change, and seek greater success in formal education and career paths.