Explore ContemPlace Common Framework

  • Audience Engagement

    Audience Engagement

    Effective audience engagement strategies meet people where they are, individually, and invite participants to explore and interact with learning environments.

  • Audience Empowerment

    Audience Empowerment

    We empower visitors and promote greater levels of self-awareness, foster critical thinking, and increase their understanding of others’ experiences and perspectives.

  • Exposition of Narratives

    Exposition of Narratives

    We help visitors understand content narratives with metacognition, to more fully grasp the embodiment of ideas and their context.

  • Exploration Beyond Narratives

    Exploration Beyond Narratives

    Our visitors engage in further narrative content exploration by researching topics and asking questions to formulate new ideas.

  • Extend Audience Engagement

    Extend Audience Engagement

    After visitors leave, they can participate in Explorer Guilds, a curated environment that extends beyond the physical encounter and delves deeper into their interests.