Seeing Through the Census


Seeing Through the Census uses the census to frame a larger conversation about data literacy. Through data stories, lesson plans, and exhibits in public learning spaces we aspire to educate the public on how the census data has been used and changed overtime. This initiative will also serve to show the boundaries of data, for example asking; what questions can be answered with data? What answers cannot be shown through data?  Seeing Through the Census will provide an opportunity for people to engage with, and think critically about, data, their relationship with it, and how data is used in both their communities and across the country.

Help us to engage the public and promote data literacy across the country! We are currently gathering letters of support and asking for input on more stories.

Would you like to host an exhibit? What digital tools and lessons would you like to use? What other data literacy topics would your community find interesting?

National Seeing Through the Census panels.

Missouri Seeing Through the Census panels.

Census Lesson Plan.

List of free Census Lesson Plans.

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