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Mission: We harness the power of immersive, informal education to help people acquire understanding, leading to informed action via data literacy, thinking skills, personal agency, and civic empowerment.

Vision: We envision that every individual and any community can become agents of their own futures by helping them learn to use abundant data and information to drive inquiry, discourse, and critical thinking.

Why & How: Today, data and information can reveal new answers to old problems, but a gap in data-literacy skills prevails across all segments of society, both in the public and business spheres. We conceptualize, design, and implement transformational learning experiences to help close this gap. Building on a long history of developing immersive exhibits and strategies that connect with diverse audiences, ContemPlace creates informal learning experiences designed to be place-based, digital, or hybrids of both. Our designs inspire and engage audiences, and can help educational and community institutions succeed as pillars of communities.