Team and Associates

  • Gerard Eisterhold

    Gerard Eisterhold

    Gerard Eisterhold is a leader in developing exhibits and engaging educational experiences that connect with diverse audiences. ContemPlace’s immersive and transformative informal learning environments leverage technology to social ends, and are rooted in his belief that exhibition and interpretive design will play an increasingly important role in the future of learning in America.

  • Howard Litwak

    Howard Litwak

    Howard Litwak has served as an Owner’s Representative for the Annenberg Foundation/Trust at Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage, California, for the last 13 years. He also served as the Senior Project Manager for the Experience Music Project (now the Museum of Pop Culture), and continues to employ his keen ability for thinking and articulating on his feet to ensure our initiatives maintain forward momentum.

  • David Brown

    David Brown

    David Brown is the former Technology Director for the GLOBE Program, a global citizen-science project now active in 110 countries around the world. Additionally, Mr. Brown was a communications researcher at JPL and spent three years at NASA Headquarters working on communications and data systems for the Space Station and Shuttle programs. As an exhibit design associate, he led the design and development of media and interactives for the International Civil Rights Museum and the National Museum of the Marine Corps, and continues to convey complex concepts through the use of digital media and interactive technologies, both in physical spaces and online.

  • Jan Adkins

    Jan Adkins

    Formerly Director of Illustration for National Geographic Magazine, Jan Adkins has received numerous awards for his work published in over 37 books, many of them illuminating complex subject matter, and/or conveying complex information to children. Known to friends and colleagues as the “Explainer General,” Mr. Adkins possesses a particular skill in explaining complicated subjects in colorful detail so that general audiences can understand them.

  • Stephanie Reyer

    Stephanie Reyer

    As the former Vice President of Exhibitions at the National Constitution Center, Stephanie Reyer led the organization’s efforts to produce and travel original exhibitions across the country. As a creative executive with more than 20 years’ experience developing award-winning exhibitions and design projects, Ms. Reyer has proven success in the interpretive development, design, and fabrication of engaging learning environments.

  • William Ruggieri

    William Ruggieri

    William Ruggieri has been involved in all phases of exhibition design and planning, including conceptual design, team management, detail design, and production supervision for over 35 years. As a senior exhibit designer, Mr. Ruggieri expertly defines techniques for communicating content intent, develops budgets, and ensures design solutions and strategies integrate with traffic flow and the overall architectural program.

  • Valerie Taylor

    Valerie Taylor

    As a skilled content developer and interpretive planner, Valerie Taylor brings over 20 years of experience in developing stories, messaging, and themes for projects ranging from small visitor centers to very large, new museums, covering a breadth of natural/social history and science-related topics. Ms. Taylor is skilled at coordinating multiple team players, adept at managing large volumes of content-related material, and enjoys working with subject matter experts to extract key concepts and engaging stories.

  • Bronwyn Llewellyn

    Bronwyn Llewellyn

    Bronwyn Llewellyn has nearly four decades of experience crafting exhibit text for museums and science centers, including the Tech Museum of Innovation, where she wrote editorial guidelines later adapted and used by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and the Liberty Science Center. Ms. Llewellyn’s breadth of knowledge and experience enables her to zero in on topics of specific and particular interest to each entity, and ensures key messages are highlighted in a comprehendible, interesting, and engaging manner.

  • Cheryl Muré

    Cheryl Muré

    As President of TurnKey Education, Inc., Cheryl Muré is an experienced professional with extensive training in education, marketing, sales, business development, and management. Ms. Muré partners with blockbuster traveling shows, such as Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition and Bodies: The Exhibition to create integrated educational programs and experiences that align with curricula, and with 21st century thinking skills.

  • Justin Gipple

    Justin Gipple

    Holding a BA in History from Truman State University and currently pursuing an MA in Public History from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Justin brings a talent for investigative research and an ability to synthesize material into relevant and actionable information. He has worked on local history projects such as the Rural Roots exhibition currently displayed at Truman State University and a coming exhibition Guadalupe Center: A Century of Community to celebrate Kansas City’s Guadalupe Centers’ centennial celebration in 2019. He has also contributed to a World War One poster exhibition held in 2017 in Ophelia Parrish Art Gallery at Truman State University in 2017. Justin loves to spend time watching sports (Long Live the Note!) and travelling to see new and exciting historical sites and museums.

  • Ian Shea-Cahir

    Ian Shea-Cahir

    Ian Shea-Cahir has nearly 25 years’ experience in communications. He was an award-winning journalist at such newspapers as The Sacramento Bee, then moved into the public relations and digital spaces. He led cutting-edge digital communications efforts at the University of Kansas, UC Davis and Princeton University – where he created award-winning social media strategies and policies that remain in use today. He has created digital strategies for small businesses to international brands, always putting users’ needs first.